It is my intention that when completed, Studio B will be a versatile and affordable space with many creative uses. Building work is currently ongoing. The final form of the studio and the facilities it is to house is as yet not set in stone, I would very much like to here from people who feel that this space could be useful to them in their particular fields.

In total Studio B comprises approximately 1100 square feet on the ground floor and another 730 on the first floor. The platform comprising the ceiling of the lower area and the floor of the upper area is being replaced with a more rigid sound proofed and sound deadened structure. This will provide a very flat smooth shooting platform above and facilitate excellent acoustic quality on the ground floor. The stairs with half landing are intended to be a visually useful feature. There will of course also be a kitchenette.

Within this simple layout (and possibly in conjunction with Studio A) I would like to accommodate such art based activities as stills photography, videography, band rehearsal, dance and drama workshops and other educational arts activities. I would like to know about your intended projects and what special requirements you would like to see incorporated into the design. I look forward to any suggestions you feel would be useful to assist you in accomplishing your objectives.