Studio safety considerations. Please read the following:

Please ensure you, your colleagues and visitors stay alert to the everyday hazards of the studio environment and give consideration to the risks you may create.

You must make yourself familiar with the position of the fire exits and ensure they are unbarred and kept clear of obstruction. You must also be aware of the different types of fire extinguisher within the studio, their uses and locations. The fire assembly point is the car park.

Electricity supply
As is usual with industrial premises, three phase electricity enters the building and is then split into three separate phases. Each phase has an outlet panel and each panel is overload protected at 63 amps and fitted with RCD protection for safety. Maximum power drawn from each phase outlet panel should not exceed 16K in total.

Electric Cables
Always fully unwind cables from their cable reels. Standard cables with square pin 13 Amp plugs are designed and fused to carry just over three kilowatts when fully unwound. 32 Amp cables should not be loaded beyond a maximum of 8 kilowatts and should not be covered when fully loaded. Please do not overload cables as this will cause damage and could cause fire.

For safety reasons, please be mindful that whilst each separate phase of the supply is 240 volts, the differential between any two phases is 415 volts. Although all power is RCD protected, it is still best practice not to cross power lines from different phases and to keep phases apart. When ever possible, run the cables along the floor near to the wall the sockets are attached to. This will avoid unnecessary creating trip hazards and keep the two phase supplies identifiable and apart. For best practice:
*Never allow cables from different phases to cross each other.
*Never allow lamps supplied by different phases, to come within two meters of each other.
Care and consideration should also be given to the use of conductive materials such as metal or water.

Be mindful not to create trip hazards with cables. If cables have to be laid across a trafficked way, ensue they are taped firmly to the floor with bright tape. Always ensure that there is surplus cable beneath each lamp so that if the cable is pulled, the lamp will not be pulled over.

Tungsten lights (luminaries) and barn doors become exceedingly hot and should not be touched without thick gloves. We provide leather gloves for this. Never use plastic or rubber gloves. Always handle and adjust luminaries with care and mindfulness of the fragility of the bulbs (lamps). If a lamp fails, ask me to fix it. ‘Apparently dead’ lamps can on odd occasion, arc, ionise and implode, so never open the front of a Fresnel to inspect a lamp when power is still running to it.

Make sure stands are properly erected and locked so that the bases are at their most stable. Dependent upon the type of stand being used, the weight of the lamp being supported, the height at which the lamp is held and also other factors, stands may need to be weighted for additional stability.

Mobile ceiling
The electrically operated 18 x 30 foot mobile ceiling is made from lightweight non flammable rigid foam and is designed not to fall even if quite severely damaged. Although you may make some minor changes to its position after seeking and receiving instruction from myself, you must ask me to make major changes and to carry out difficult manoeuvres for you. Misuse of this facility may result in expensive repairs to the ceiling for which you will be charged. Improper use may also jeopardise your shoot, could cause damage to equipment and possibly endanger life.

Roller Shutter Door
The roller shutter door is normally pulled down very tightly for security. If you need to open the roller shutter, please be careful as the chain may be under a good deal of tension and may spring up if not restrained.

Portable Gas Heater
We have a portable propane gas heater for flexibility, efficiency and economy. The potential dangers of gas poisoning or explosion are obvious. If you are not entirely familiar with this type of heater or are in any doubt as to how to use this particular heater, please ask for assistance or instructions.

A variety of ladders, trestles, boards, tools, aluminium poles, black drapes, timber and other materials, plus various bits and bobs are available on request. Please ask if there is anything you need as these things are generally not on display. I am happy to offer my opinion on how you might safely achieve your objectives with what is available within the studio complex.