We will endeavour to help you to make the most of these facilities and your time here. To this end, please tell me a little about you objectives before or when you book.In many instances we can pre-prepare the studio to suit you needs. This can reduce your costs, increase your working efficiency and minimise unexpected delays. Pre-preparation services offered include:* Direct floor and wall colourings in any flat colour including chroma key colours as well as painted effect and skies.
* The rigging of black or chroma key drapes and painted backdrops.
* The rigging of Colorama paper. Colorama including chroma key colours can also be cross hung (hung horizontally) and joined for greater depth and height.
* Set construction and decoration and including two story structures with staircases.
* Acoustic baffling. These are 140 x 1200 x 3200 sound absorbers, hung from a support system in sufficient quantity to achieve the required reverberation times. Due to the parallel walls, the studio is very live when empty.
* Pre-lighting. I can also provide a full lighting service including gaffer and should you require it, lighting direction.I can also book local people to help you. The most usual requests are for a general studio assistant who knows the studio, the lamps and the location. But what ever your requirements, please ask.

Over the years I have been privileged to learn from many talented client and I have witnessed a diversity of creative solutions devised and employed by them. I am happy to discuss your project to help you find the most efficient and economical solutions to logistic, technical, visual and audio concerns.

Whether you need an extensive preparation or merely a little help with arranging your use of the space, or if you would just like to have a look around and a chat, please contact me. I am only too pleased to be of service.