Studio A is a very large white studio, designed and built around the total infinity cove concept. This studio is much more than just a big white background. It is a complete environment for total control of light and reflection. The full wraparound cove construction including the ceiling produces an awesome effect. An infinity cove in the true sense of the term. Visually, it is infinitely wide and infinitely high.

Though well established as an excellent environment for vehicles and other reflective object work, it is not necessarily realised how versatile and efficient it is for lighting generally. Soft top light, ambient light, natural looking fill, soft directional lighting and atmospheric daylight simulation can all be accomplished with ease, imparting a more cinematic quality.
Overhead luminaries are less frequently used in this environment, but can be hung from the structure which supports the mobile ceiling section. Light can also be mirrored in if long sunlight throws are required.

Studio A is a ground floor drive-in studio. The cove is provided by a very smooth and well maintained continuous lining with seamless transition between flat and curved surfaces. The studio measures in total, 83 foot 3 inches x 43 foot 7 inches (25.37 x 13.28 meters). Apart from the 9 foot 10 inches x 14 foot (3 x 4.27 meters) vehicular access and screened off service areas at one end, the cove including the ceiling is complete and continuous. The ceiling height is over 18 feet (5.51 meters) and has large (two metre) radius curves joining to the walls on all sides, providing exceptional lighting control. A 30 x 18 foot (9.14 x 5.49 meters) section which completes the ceiling is suspended on electric winches and can be accurately lowered and angled and with some degree of rotation.

In addition to vehicular work, popular uses have included the making of TV advertisements, TV programming, commercial and music videos plus stills photography including advertising, still life, catalogue, product, general commercial,  fashion, portfolios, portraits and for education.

45kW of Power is available from three RCD protected distribution panels and includes 13A, 16A, 32A and 63A sockets. Many studio accessories including black drapes are at hand free of charge and a good selection of tungsten lighting is available to hire.

There is plenty of parking within the enclosed grounds. Transporters and other vehicles can be unloaded directly into the studio from the car-park, providing both confidentiality and weather protection.

The cove is supplied pristine white unless otherwise specified, but can be supplied with large sections pre-painted. Popular choices are chroma key green, chroma key blue and black. Special effect painting and painted skies can also be provided.

To maximise production space, the studio complex is mostly taken up with the coved studio area and therefore has limited (though usually adequate) support areas. If a greater support area is preferred, or you need particular facilities, please ask, as there are various ways more space may be provided.

Set-building, lighting gaffer and other support services are also available.  Please ask what we can do for you, whatever the needs of your projects and whatever would make things run more smoothly, more efficiently or more comfortably.