There is no charge for consultations by phone, E-mail or in person at my studio and I encourage them.  Before you book your portrait session you may have questions you would like me to answer and I need to know what you require in adequate detail.

Your portrait shoot will be fluid and flexible. You will be able to see any of the images periodically throughout the shoot. If the test images are no quite as you would like them, adjustments will be made and new test images created until you are entirely happy.  Nevertheless, because the variables are potentially infinite, it is very useful for me to have a foreknowledge of what you envisage.

I would like to know the kind of look/s, style/s and atmosphere/s you have in mind.  Perhaps the easiest way to explain to me is to E-mail some images from the internet or scans from magazines.  Alternatively and better still, make an appointment to visit the studio with your images on your laptop or tablet.

I also need to know if you require that I book a make-up / hair stylist for you or if there is anything else which you will need me to arrange for you beforehand.

Given a feel for what you want from your portrait session and adequate perimeters as to you requirements, I can calculate how long the studio session will last and give you a firm costing.

There is no charge for consultations by phone, E-mail or in person at my studio.  Please contact me using the details below.  My name is Julian