I work closely with artists to realise their intentions and I am reliant on their input to achieve this. At minimum I need to discuss the work with the artist, prior to commencement.

The rendition of paintings and drawings which by nature and intent are entirely two dimensional is a matter of exercising technical skill in a controlled studio environment. When works extend into a third dimension due to the texture of paper or of paint or by virtue or reflective characteristics, a sympathetic interpretation is additionally required. The trick is in the lighting.

Due to the three dimensional nature of sculptural pieces, they similarly need to be interpreted to be rendered as two dimensional images. The possibility for manifold interpretation makes an understanding of the artist’s thinking and feeling a prerequisite to a successful outcome. In certain scenarios where the possible permutations are particularly numerous and varied, the artist may wish to remain for the duration of the shoot to further input and augment their ideas to creative a two dimensional artwork in its own right or as a further intermediary.