We can of course reproduce your products or range of products on a white background and we have hundreds of meters of it ready and waiting. It may be all you need, but from a marketing point of view, it is not always the best way to proceed. It depends what you are selling and who you are selling it to. One question you might ask yourself is – am I selling product or am I selling image, style, aspiration or sense of identity?

We have constructed two story interiors and large outdoor scenes in our studios because it has been necessary for displaying certain products, but sets and backgrounds need not be so elaborate to be effective. The use of black, grey or a colour with a little toning can bring a product to life and draw attention by making it stand out on a page or screen. Simple backgrounds like wood or fabrics combined with delicate lighting can mobilise viewer’s imaginations and with a little propping we can transport them where we will.

Be it advertising, packaging, point of sale, catalogue, brochure, mailer, flyer or for internet marketing, sets and backgrounds can create a bridge to your customers.

Sets and backgrounds don’t necessarily cost anything. They do however always require some thought. We are happy to discuss with you how best to present your product range to target your market sector, effectively and economically.