Many of my automotive clients have a very good understanding of the creative processes, techniques and practices involved in studio automobile photography. Others may have never before seen the inside of a car studio and it is all entirely new. In all cases, I am dependent upon my clients to tell me what they want and what purposes the images are to serve.

Clients frequently like to attend photographic sessions and often become closely involved in the process. For manufacturers and their advertising agencies this is all in a days work. For automobile clubs and owners it is usually a novel, fascinating and enlightening experience. In all cases I value a close working relationship. I take it for granted that manufacturers and owners know much more about their vehicles (and their markets) than I do.

The precise details of what you would like can be discussed and accommodated during a shoot, but before commencement of a commission I need to have an overview of your requirements. I am always only too happy to discuss these prior to the event and to suggest the most economical solutions. Please phone or E-mail or if it is convenient, drop round for a chat.