Quality studio photography has long been a vital marketing component for major car manufacturers. My automotive clients have range from motorbike, car and bus manufacturers through to enthusiast car magazines, car modification companies, automobile clubs, vehicle restorers and proud owners of classic cars. I provide high quality studio photography across a range of budget.

There are major advantages to studio photography over location photography, not only in terms of being independent of weather. With studio photography lighting is completely controllable. Almost everything surrounding a vehicle can be seen somewhere reflected into the vehicle’s paintwork or glass. Working in studio A, reflections are smooth and continuous. No stray trees or telegraph poles and none of the features which would normally be associated with building interiors. Subtle contours of styling and unique features can be highlighted. Mood and atmosphere can be changed at will.

Be it for marketing purposes or just because you want some stunning photographs of you pride and joy, vehicle studio photography is both affordable and cost effective.